Forget counting Sheep: The seven best tips to fight sleep disorders

In some nights, sleep will come easy. You’re tossing back and forth and feels in the Morning as whacked. These tips do not help, such sleep disturbances are the rule, and to find back to a healthy sleep.

Sleep is for our health and our well-being is important. Because this is the rest our body regenerates and our brain can process the impressions of the day. The sleep and awake times, certain rhythm of our metabolism, and of many hormones also help to strengthen the immune system and protect us against diseases.

And the consequences are significant: “sleep deprivation of any kind leads to fatigue and impaired concentration,” explains Johanna Stranzinger of the professional Association for health service and Wohlfahrtspflege (BGW). “Who is tired, makes faster, errors, and a higher accident risk. In the longer term, a lack of in-depth weakens the immune system sleep also.”

The causes of sleep disorders are often in our daily life: A typical sleep killer is Stress. Problems on the Job or in the family employ us so much, that the thoughts to fall Asleep is always more to it. We are strained in such a way that the sleep fails. But also the wrong diet, the noise and light or to an unnatural circadian rhythm can cause sleep disorders.

So what to do? “Those who suffer from sleep disorders, should first check his personal habits and his inner attitude,” says Stranzinger. “Often small changes in everyday life will help.” Professionals refer to these rules of conduct as “sleep hygiene”. Who must complete night shifts, can change his rhythm of work, a lot. However, you Snoring Chin Strap can take to heart even then, some of the measures that promote sleep.

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